PROJECT CONCEPT : WEWIN (Women Entrepreneurs Window of Opportunity)
  • WEWIN is a program to reinforce the institutional and technical capacities that through trainings and advices , allow the creation and the consolidation of strategic alliances. ( North-South, South-south)  
  • WEWIN  helps the women entrepreneurs to deepen their skills in administration and management, and offers them services in the promotion and the exportation of goods and services, in the partnership and in the different networks.
  • WEWIN offers new knowledges about the ITC through the use of internet technologies to manage their business , the promotion of their products and services on the web through the B2B (Business to Business)

Relevance of the program with regard to the needs and constraints of the target countries.

In those target countries the WEWIN program aims at resolving the principles problems that women entrepreneurs are facing in the development of their business. From this perspective, this program :

  • reinforces the capacities of the associations of women entrepreneurs.
  • reduces the lack of representation
  • increases their effectiveness in the development of their business.
  • contributes to the reduction of the digital divide, economic isolation, through the acess to the communication, marketing and networks new technologies.

The problems to resolve are those that have been identified thanks to the studies made in countries and regions. For the region of the Sahel in africa, studies made by the African Bank of Development with the ILO, reports have been written .

The results say that the obstacles that the companies in africa face and that their needs are :

  • The lack of the right « Business Development Services » (BDS),
  • Problems to access  regional and international markets.
  • The need for technical assistance for the development of the structures of the national associations of the women entrepreneurs.
  •  The need for training programs for the ICT and business management.

 The one who benefit from this program are t the women entrepreneurs that are members of the national associations participating to this program.

Objectives of this project

The main objective of this program is to contibute to the development of the business manages by women by favouring the investment, the use of new technologies and the integration to the business network especially on fiels such as : tourism, agrifood, the ICT … Through :

  • The reinforcement of the technical capacities of the associations of women entrepreneurs in their training role.
  • The economic development of the companies by their capacities to access to the regional and global economy and also to the international networks.

 Expected results

For the intermediary associations of women entrepreneurs

les infrastructures et le management des associations sont renforcés par la promotion de leurs membres et par la fourniture de Business Development Service (BDS)

the infrastructures and the management of the associations are reinforced by the promotion of their members and by the supply of the Business Development Service (BDS)

  • Trainers are trained for the use of the web instruments for the virtual platforms FCEM-CandGo to manage the associations and create virtual networks.
  • The associations create websites, offer differents trainings on line : in business,tutoring, creation of business and search for investments.
  • The associations generate incomes for their members through the cheap offer of management and administration instruments at the top of the NICT.

For the women entrepreneurs, micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

  • The acess to the management , businee networks trainings.
  • The acess to the online enterprise management without investments and for a low monthly cost
  • The promotion and the marketing of their products and services in the catalogue ( real market place that manages the offers, the partnerships, the exchanges of informations between the FCEM members and other online enterprises.
  • The creation of new services of coaching, training, webmastering, online management .

Surplus value of the action.

The program aims at resolving the need not totally covered by the governments. To cover this need it is necessary to reinforce and mobilize the independent NGOs, intermediaires structures .

And that in countries where the conditions of the development of their businesses are more difficult for her than for men because of a lack of access to the new technologies and a lack of strategic links with other companies of the private sector.

A training program for the export and for the ICT , of 250 women entrepreneurs has been created in Cameroun in 2007 thanks to a partnership between the African Bank of Development, FCEM and GICAM ( the Interpatronal groupment of Cameroon) .


The main activities are : 

The reinforcement of the structures:

Development of the technical and institutional capacities through trainings in ICT, management of associations and work infrastructures.

  • establishment of SWOT analysis; elaboration and implementation of action plans for the associations,
  • upgrading of the equipements and knowledge in ICT,
  • creations of training modules in enterprise management and technical assistance,

Training :

  • Training of trainers for the upgradinf of the associations and enterprises managers that use the WEB instruments,
  • creation of web sites for the associations of women entrepreneurs as a marketing and information instrument,
  • training for the utilisation of the business and marketing modeles of FCEM-CandGo as a service that generates incomes,

The promotion of the national associations of their members 

  • organization of conferences and workshop about the ICT
  • communication campaings to present the surplus value services that are offered ( B2B, communication-information and promation instruments)
  • Implementation of training cycles.

Viability of the project

WEWIN offers the instruments to the associations to reach them selves thanks to their involvement , their autonomy..

This program has to develop the technical and institutional capacities of the associations of womene entrepreneurs in order to make them more efficients to manage their administration and to inform their members , but this program also offers through the ICT, the opportunity to increase their annual incomes through the subscriptions and connections and the online WEB services..

Multiplier effects of the program WEWIN

The WEWIN concept can easily be applied everywhere in the world, especially in developing countries . This program could be duplicate thanks to partnership agreements between FCEM and regional banks of development like the Asian Development Bank (ADB) the African Bank of development , the EIB in Europe and the programs in favour of the North-South and South -South exchanges . 

CCI France International et Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales signent un accord de partenariat

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