Marie-Christine OGHLY, France

Marie Christine OGHLY

World President FCEM

Laura Frati Gucci, Italy

World President FCEM
 2011 until 2017

Françoise Foning, Cameroun

foning francoise

World President FCEM
2005 until 2011
Honorary President with mandate

Leyla Khaiat, Tunisia

World President FCEM
1998 until 2005
Honorary President with mandate

Joke van den Boer, Nederland,

World President FCEM
1994 until 1998

Maria Grazia Randi, Italy

World President FCEM,
1988 until 1994
Honorary President FCEM 

Tinou Dutry, Belgium

T.Dutry e1401267806611

World President FCEM,
1979 until 1988
Honorary Président FCEM 

1949 – FCEB membership to Belgian Association FCEB
1956 – Funded the British Association of Women Executive (BAWE)
1958 – Appointed Belgian’s Association Vice-President FCEB
1976- 1977 – Interim President, British Association of Women Executive (BAWE)
1978 – Appointed National President FCE Belgium
1979 – Appointed World President at Florence Convention (she followed Madame Vandenschrik who had temporarily replaced Madame Foinant who resigned at 86 years old in 1978)
1983 – She resigns from Belgian Presidency to concentrate on the World mandate.
World openness is at the forefront of FCE Europe concerns. In the early years of her mandate the following joind us, Canada, Mexico, argentina, Taiwan (1980), india, Indonesia, Greece, Philippines (1983), United States (1985), australia, Cameroon (1985), followed by Gabon and Ivory Coast (1987), Portugal and Mauritius. FCEM reaches the world’s five contnents.
1988 – World President’s term comes to an end. Madame Maria Grazia (italy) is named World President.

Convinced FCE, globe trotter, Business leader and writer Tinou Dutry bequeathed our Belgian and World Associations, archives tracing our history since its inception. These are available in Brussels at the Center of Archives for Women history () , fonds ‘femmes chefs d’Entreprises’ (Carhiff collection).
A book tracing FCE history from 1948-2012 has  been published by the Belgian Association. ()

Yvonne Foinant

yvonne foinant

Yvonne Edmond Foinant, is the founder in 1945 of the Association of Women entrepreneurs FCE «Les Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises», was born in France in 1890 in a engineer family. She has been forced to manage her self, in a society where women could not access to work and entrepreneurship easily.
But with the First World War, the woman had been forced to hold leading positions after this massacre.

In 1914 , when her husband left the house to go on war, he told her ” Go on”. She was only 24 years old but she never hesitated to pick up the burden and to start the management of the company.

Later ,Yvonne met her husband again and since this moment they led together the company until his death.

With the World War II, Yvonne Edmond Foinant created in 1945 the french ‘Association des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises’ that became in 1950 an European Association and became a World Association in 1965, FCEM, a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and non-sectarian organization.
Yvonne Foinant had been granted, in 1979, the title of FCEM Honorary President.

CCI France International et Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales signent un accord de partenariat

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