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69ème Congrès
november 2022
Marrakech Stronger sustainable growth, together
68ème Congrès
november 2020
Istanbul, Turquie Reunite with Resilience; Learn, Share and Enjoy
66th Congress
october 2018
Moscow, Russia  
65th Congress
november 2017
Roma, Italia  
64th Congress
november 2016
Cancun, Mexico Economy, communication, social responsability
63rd Congress
March 2015
Manama, Bahrain  Our Bridges to the World
62nd Congress
September 2014
Taipei, Taiwan  Gateway to Asia
61nd Congress
September 2013
Marrakech, Marocco Women entrepreneurs safe values for sustainable performance.
60st Congress
September 2012
Berlin, Germany Female Global Networking
59th Congress
November 2011
Mexico- Merida – Yucatan México, América y el Mundo
58th Congress
October 2010
Florence, Italy “FCEM: New Economy — New Eco”
57th Congress
October 2009
Yaounde, Cameroon “FCEM: facing the international financial crisis”
56th Congress
October 2008
Brussels, Belgium “Sharing experience, staying informed”
55th Congress
October 2007
Cairo, Egypt “FCEM: Meeting the Millennium Goals”
54th Congress
October 20-25 2006
Ljubjlana, Slovenia “The Future Belongs to the Enterprising”
 53rd Congress
October 2005
Buenos Aires, Argentina ” TANGO Women Entrepreneurs leading the recovery of Argentina and Latin America”
 52nd Congress
October 2004
Glasgow, Schotland “Communication in a Modern World”
51st Congress
October 2003
Grand Baie, Mauritius “FCEM: Partners in Peace and Shared Prosperity”.
 50th Congress
September – 2002
Sint-Petersburg, Russia «FCEM: Uniting the World»
 49th Congress,
January – 2002
Mexico CIty, Mexico «Entrepreneurial Talent in the New Economy»
 48th Congress,
October – 2000
Tunis, Tunisia «FCEM: Key to sustainable and equitable economic development»
 47th Congress,
Mei – 1999
Brussels, Belgium «Women Entrepreneurs giving economy a new swing»
46th Congress,
June – 1998
Estoril, Portugal «Building Bridges»
 45th Congress,
October – 1997
Cape Town, South Africa «Unifying business women  worldwide»
 44th Congress,
October – 1996
Los Angeles, CA, USA «Vision, Voice and Economic  Power»
 43th Congress,
September – 1995
Kuala Lumpur, Malaisia  «Moving Forward: Business Opportunities and Challenges  in the 21st Century»
 42nd Congress,
November – 1994
Brisbane, Australia  «Entrepreneurial Women: New Horizons – the Global Approach»
 41st Congress,
Mei – 1993
London, England  «What role can women entrepreneurs play to lead the  world out of recession?»
 40th Congress,
October – 1992
Madrid, Espagne  «Evolution from the Concept North-South to the New  Economic and Social Order»
 39th Congress, 1991 Rosario, Argentina «Eliminating the Barriers to International Commerce»
 38th Congress, 1990 Amsterdam, Netherlands  «Water as the Source of our  Society»
 37th Congress, 1989 Toronto, Canada «Partners in International Commerce»
 36th Congress, 1988 Milan, Italy  «Energies serving World Economic Development»
 35th Congress, 1987 Denver, Colorado, USA  «Towards 2000: Women Entrepreneurs for a World in Evolution»
 34th Congress, 1986 Cameroon  «Emergence of developing countries and their role in the world economy»
 33rd Congress, 1985 Madrid, Spain  «FCEM: economic re-launch and employment generation»
 32nd Congress, 1984 New Delhi, India  «FCEM in a world in progress»
 31st Congress, 1983 Brussels, Belgium  «Communication, essential element for social and economic development»
 30th Congress, 1982 Vichy, France  « SME : financement & access to New  technologies »
 29th Congress, 1981 Edinburgh, Scotland «What is the future of the Family Enterprise»
 28th Congress, 1980 Las Palmas, Spain   «Excessive leisure: progress or decline of our civilization»
 27th Congress, 1979 Florence, Italy  «Unified Europe, a Western Economic Power»
 26th Congress, 1978 Hambourg, Germany  «Free Enterprise an economic force, its creativity its survival»
 25th Congress, 1977 Amsterdam, Netherlands  «No stability without confidence»
 24th Congress, 1974 Brussels, Belgium  «There are no rights without duty»
 23rd Congress, 1973 Mexico  «Defense of the Consumer»
 22nd Congress, 1972 Madrid, Spain  «Europe: Perspective from FCEM»
 21st Congress, 1971 Versailles, France  «Freedom in the Economy, Neutrality in taxation, Reinforcing the liberty of commerce and industry»
 20st Congress, 1970 Marseille, France  «Emergence of the consumer society»
 19st Congress, 1969 Londres, Angleterre  «FCEM: Importance accorded within economic institutions, FCE paves the way for the new generation of FCEs»
 18st Congress, 1968 Montréal, Canada  «FCEM: Operating in a man’s world, evolution of the world economy»
 17st Congress, 1967 Brussels, Belgium  «Justification for free enterprise»
 16st Congress, 1966 Vienne, Autriche  «Part time work…Continuous work day?»
 15st Congress, 1965 Munich, Allemagne  «Managers’ malaise»
 14st Congress, 1964 Turin, Italy  «Equal Work – Equal Pay»
 13st Congress, 1963 Amsterdam, Netherlands  «Women’s careers…the era of women»
 12th Congress, 1961 Bordeaux, France  «Maximum utilization of the human brain… feminine and masculine»
 11th Congress, 1960 Montréal, Canada  «the imperative survival of the family enterprise»
 10th Congress, 1959 London, England  «Succession rights of the surviving conjoint»
 9th Congress, 1958 Brussels, Belgium  «FCE and humanism»
 8th  Congress, 1957 Bad Godesberg, Germany  «Matrimonial regimes,FCE at the control within professional organizations-Women and Employments»
 7th Congress, 1956 Paris, France
London, England
 «Civil rights of married women-cumularive revenue of couples. First International reunion
 6th Congress, 1955 Amsterdam, Netherlands  «the economic role of women and the European integration»
 5th Congress, 1954 Brussels, Belgium  «Favoring savings or investment»
 4th Congress, 1953 Paris, France  «the independence of women business owners»
3rd Congress, 1952 Brussels, Belgium  «Necessity to create a Europe», «European meetings : the economic role of women business owners»
 2nd Congress, 1951 Rouen, France  «Professional orientation for the young»
 1st Congress, 1950 Brusels, Belgium  «The first French-Belgian Congress of women business owners».

CCI France International et Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises Mondiales signent un accord de partenariat

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