Kate DalyKate Daly is Co-founder of amicable, the trusted legal service that helps couples to end their relationships in a kinder and better way. amicable’s approach is different to solicitors, by exclusively working with couples. They  provide an empathetic, emotionally-led, fixed fee service that helps people navigate the legal and emotional journey of ending their relationship.

Kate has spoken passionately in the media about changing the narrative around divorce and has featured on the One Show, across the BBC, Women’s Hour, LBC and ITV News. She co-founded amicable with CEO and entrepreneur, Pip Wilson, after her own expensive and protracted divorce.

amicable are market leaders and have paved the way for couples services following on from a High Court ruling in 2020 and the recent shift in divorce law to a no-fault system. Kate also hosts The Divorce Podcast where she explores divorce, separation and co-parenting with a variety of experts and celebrity guests with many sharing their own journeys around these topics.

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