HINDE SUMY Hinde BOULBAYEM, holds a MSc-CPC, Certificate of Professional Competence for the Road Transport, ITLB, Bruxelles. Since January 2008, she has been working on urban mobility and alternative use of green vehicle technologies research projects together with Qalinca Labs, ULB University Brussels and Mobi, VUB Brussels.
In 2013, she founded SUMY “Sustainable Urban Logistics and Mobility” in Brussels. SUMY is a start-up specialized in logistics and mobility for thermo-sensitive urban freight. SUMY uses innovative approaches and integrates collaborative cold urban freight network to digital information corridors through its urban consolidation platform located in Brussels.
Today, she is involved in EU reference group for strategic transport orientations and in addition, she also works on initiatives such as European and regional research and action projects on renewable energy production such as circular biogas and reverse logistics of organic waste. 


«Nobody Delivers Freshness like we do»

SUMY is specialized in eco-logistics and sustainable freight mobility services for the cold chain products such as heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals and foods.
SUMY’s mission is building up with its customer’s a tailor made in & out freight flow system
that increases reliability, visibility and growth.
The concrete targets of the company consist of two things, the first is designing an efficient freight mobility system to the T° controlled industries supply chains, and the second is building a circular mobility and neutral logistics platform model for connected industries.
SUMY integrates systems to move freight with smart and silent refrigerated cargo’s into and from city centres to meet the future air quality standards. SUMY support its customers to achieve a reduction of 95% of fine particulates (pm2.5) and 39% of CO2 emissions.
SUMY has been recognised as a hand in hand partner within its network when it comes to externalizing, executing and integrating real time T°c tracking, IoT modular loading unit (IMLU) and advanced logistics services that requires high service and security levels.