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Milano - Parigi e Leonardo: l'anniversario

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2019-09-20 08:20 - 2019-09-22 19:00

Dear Members Dear Friends
We have just completed the program for our appointment in Milano ready to remember Leonardo da Vinci and two world capitals Milan and Paris, I wanted to send it in advance, but finding the right solutions took longer than expected.

I understand that I am asking you an effort but please read it before you go on holiday and send your booking as soon as possible.

It was challenging because the chosen dates are matching with the Fashion Week who turns Milano into a chaotic city: in the Historic Center the most prestigious venues are busy, the taxis are nowhere to be found and the hotels with unthinkable prices.

The allocation of tickets for the visit to the Cenacolo (Cenacle), for Sunday 22nd September (bought in February 2019 and unobtainable), was the starting point, changing date meant giving up the visit to one of Leonardo's greatest masterpieces.

To minimize the disruptions, we have chosen a careful path to optimize travel using public transports to avoid long waiting for taxis, offering a not too weary pedestrian path, which I hope will be appreciated.

We offer for the overnight stay the Grand Hotel Villa Torretta, Hilton, located a few kilometres from the centre, well connected by underground and tram, we think that the prices for the period are very good. Please pay attention, the AIDDA Convention requires that they be directly confirmed not later than 18 August 2019. We therefore invite you to confirm the booking as soon as possible in order to benefit of the discount. We thought it was nice to spend the night in a group in a beautiful historic structure, a different way to meet again, deepen relationships and weave new relationships, even some international ones.
The World President Fcem Marie Christine Oghly and other members of the World Committee have confirmed their participation as well as the English, Scottish and Monegasque Delegations

I would like to draw your attention to the meeting of the first day at Assolombarda (Confindustria), it should be a B2B dedicated to the Italian Members and the International Members who wish to introduce their business. (Elevator Pitch)

We hope that what is offered meets the expectations of many of you and allows you to attend, the climate in September in Milan is usually very pleasant and mild, and we hope on its clemency.
Waiting to hear from you soon!

Margherita and all the Lombard Members.

Important suggestions.
Until the end of October, Linate airport will be closed, traffic will be diverted to Malpensa and other nearby airports (Bergamo, Verona, Turin, Bologna), all are well connected to Milan Central Station, we strongly recommend to travel by train where it is possible of course! The hotel "Villa la Torretta" has inside a parking area for those who still choose to come by car (we will then move by metro and tram to get to the centre). Thinking about using the car in the city it is not recommended.

I ask you to help us by confirming your participation as soon as possible, deadline no later than September the 2nd, considering the holiday period, we must anticipate as much as possible the purchases of museum tickets, confirm restaurant reservations, guides etc.). September is the high season for Milanese tourism! 

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